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A Healthy Life Is Within Reach

Professional Counseling with Ashley Dortch, LCSW

Become a Successful You!

A safe place to grow and express yourself without judgment

Looking for a safe place to confront your problems? Let go of the judgement that happens in all of our lives.


Each hour we work, I create a beautiful place for you to address the ugly parts of life which can be in relationships, career, personal concerns, and even the relationship with ourselves and others.


You can expect your conversations to be protected. It's important that I help you translate your emotions and feelings into words to develop a deeper understanding of yourself.


What I Specialize In

Practice Coping Skills

Reduce Stress and Anxiety

Combat Overthinking and Assumptions

Refocus on Yourself

Manage Traumatic Triggers

The Journey Towards A Safe Place Begins on the Path of Counseling. Begin Your Journey Today.

What My Clients Are Saying

Ashley has been nothing short of amazing. She listens, cares, and still keeps the overall focus on the things I want to/need to work on. She’s definitely the best counselor I’ve had and I’m very glad I matched with her and can continue working with her!

- H.E

Ashley is thoughtful in her demeanor and very precise and really just brilliant. In just a few sessions she has changed my world for the better.

- J.A

Ashley was my first experience with a therapy - a great one! Thanks to her, I have managed to get through some very important life changes. Ashley is very kind and responsive, she is a great listener too - she is both a friend and a therapist.

Thank you, Ashley!


She's really amazing. I feel comfortable talking to her because she lets me be real and open. That's new for me when it comes to therapy.


Ashley is an extremely professional, patient and attentive therapist.


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